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I think I’ve just found the “2018 handpan best photo”. Hassan Hajjaj is one of Morocco’s preeminent international artists, sometimes called his native country’s answer to Andy Warhol. Welcome to the Moroccan pop art!

I really enjoyed this Pantam duo with Alexandre Lora & Christian Amín Vàrkonyi. They both play on Yishama Pantams.



Well… I just loved that video from this Quebec artist. Francis Leclerc has just “opened” a facebook page so all of us can follow his handpan music activities. He is a promising artist for sure!


Read the story behind “YshaSavitah” scale. So cute 🙂

This Italian trio blend guitar, cello, handpan and voice and have just released a really cool EP. The vocals are just beautiful. I fell in love with the title “Un forse é un mai”.