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After J.S. Bach, Laurent Sureau is back to delight your ears with Gymnopédie #1 by the great composer Erik Satie. It’s wonderful to see a handpan player push the limits by taking on musical masterpieces like these.


Here is the latest video from PANArt, called “Balu”. Listen with headphones to really appreciate it! Read the video description to find out more about what “Balu” means.


Quentin Kayser is starting a crowdfunding campaign for his new album. Haha, the video presenting his project really made me laugh! I’ve got a feeling this CD is going to be a good one!


This video by Patrizio Castrovinci is superb. The way he plays handpan and flute is just beautiful! Happy listening!


Close your eyes, and you might just think you’re listening to a PANArt 1st Gen, only with more sustain as this handpan is made from stainless steel. I really like Sean Beever’s work and his ISKRA instruments. They are available to buy here!